Saturday, May 26, 2012

Warm Day

Wow! The weather is so amazing outside right now. Some would say it is too hot, but I am enjoying it. It feels like the beach! It is made even better by the fact that I am sipping on some amazing Bruegger's iced coffee! Yum!

Today, the plan is to head to the pool for the first swim of the year. I don't particularly enjoy swimming, but cooling off in a pool with friends is one of the best parts of summer.

Speaking of summer, next week is our last week of real school!!!!!!!! I find it crazy to believe that this year has gone by so darn fast. It seems like just yesterday I was buying school supplies in preparation for what was supposed to be the "worst year of my life". Oddly enough, I have not had as horrible a year as most people consider junior year to be. I have not pulled a single all-nighter, nor have I stayed up doing homework past 1 am. I guess I am lucky! I have also managed to make (mostly) straight A's.

Now that AP exams are over, I am pretty much completely relaxing at school. I am painting a mural in three of my classes, and am only doing schoolwork still in one. I guess that is the only perk of taking four AP's. In ap bio, my friend Alexa and I are doing ceiling tiles on animal behavior. APUSH mural is my friend Val and I's Vietnam-esque protest using Creedence Clearwater Revival's lyrics/image.
painting these faces is one of the hardest projects I've done!

Finally, in AP French, Alexa and I are working on a mural of Le Petit Prince (the somewhat bane of our existence last year). I will post pictures of all of these when we have finished.

In calculus, instead of during murals, we are doing calculus music videos. My group is doing a calculus parody of Look At Me Now by Chris Brown. I am being forced to rap the whole thing, which is definitely a first for me!
my "new" image...

Well, that's about all that's going on right now...


Friday, May 25, 2012


Sarah here! Today, I did not get to see Samuel :(

However, I did get the chance to use my new donut pan!! Samuel and I went to Marshall's yesterday to do a little baking shopping, and I finally got one.

This pan was only around ten or so dollars, and well worth the investment!

Some of my girls came over today after school to bake with me in its maiden voyage.

I used this wonderful recipe to make the donuts. It was simple, and they turned out beautiful. I am sad I did not take a picture, but they did not last very long! We didn't have any powdered sugar, so we enjoyed the donuts with a little vanilla ice cream (a la Page!)

My friend Alexa brought two of her canines over to play with my doggies, and it was quite the ruckus...


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fish Tank

Me and Sala bought a fish tank and some Platy's today. Can't wait to see how they progress!!



Hello, everyone! My name is Sarah and this is a blog about my life and relationship with my Swedish boyfriend, Samuel.

I am seventeen-years old and a North Carolina native! I love singing and dancing and baking!

this is me!

My boyfriend, Samuel, is also seventeen-years old, but unlike me, he is from Stockholm, Sweden. Samuel, like a true Swede, enjoys crayfishing, playing guitar, reading history, fishing, cooking, jogging, hanging out with friends, and "seeing his Sala" (me!)

this is Samu!

Well, that's about it! I will post more later....

May God bless you!